Rotorcraft - Leonardo Helicopters

Sitec Rotorcraft team has extensive knowledge and experience in the many aspects of rotary wing design, development, manufacture and operational roles.

Wildcat Structural & Electrical Design

Sitec provided a team of 30+ engineers responsible for the design and installation of the cabin systems and structure for the new aircraft, tasks included bulkheads, stringers, floor panels and side panels. The structural design activity was concluded by our check stress team. An additional team of 8 engineers worked on schematic and wiring diagrams including internal & external lighting, heating & ventilation, fuel systems, gearbox, HUMS, mission systems, communications, DAS, AFCS, fire suppression & detection and displays. 

MCSP (Merlin Capability Sustainment Program)

Sitec provided a team of 20 engineers involved in the 3 year design phase of an upgrade to the Merlin Mk1. Responsible for design activities including new hoist system, radar installation, console structural stiffening, ECS structural provisions, M3M gun structural provisions, cabin layouts, soundproofing & trim, sea tray, casevac, egress rail and mission console structural provisions.

Lynx Mk9A UOR

Sitec provided a team of 30 engineers on a 12 month UOR (Urgent Operational Requirement) program to upgrade from GEM Turboshaft to T800 engines to allow for ‘Hot & High’ conditions in Afghanistan. Upgrade to avionic systems and installation of a M3M gun.

AW101 Systems Integration Test Rig Design

Sitec undertook the design of a Full Systems Integration Test Rig for simulation and proof of operation of a complete rotorcraft avionic / comms system. The rig included, Comms Rack, Nav Rack, Missions Rack, LRU’s, Connectors, Shelves, Trays, AGS & Wiring / Clipping. The rig provided an integration and operational platform for complete systems test prior to production installation to the aircraft.

Chinook Defensive Aid Suite UOR

Sitec completed concept schemes, installation, assembly & detail for MAWS & EOMS Sensor mountings including structural, mechanical and electrical requirements including LRU’s. Field of view modelling for positioning / obstruction avoidance of Sensors / Antennas undertaken.

Royal Navy Wildcat
AgustaWestland Merlin