Payroll Services

With continual changes to tax and intermediary legislation, Sitec continues to offer a fast, easy and efficient payroll service in order to engage and pay temporary workers under the PAYE model.

Workers engaged to carry out services for our Clients can rest assured that their payments and any required deductions are handled effectively by our dedicated teams, and that direct access is available via telephone and e-mail. Our Payroll services include:

  • Payment processing to PAYE Worker and HMRC
  • Applicable deductions of tax and NI contributions
  • Fast and efficient payment by weekly BACS
  • Payslips provided to PAYE Worker
  • Direct correlation to client invoicing 
  • Reporting direct to HMRC via RTI and end-of-year reports
  • PAYE Worker pay enquiries dealt with by our teams
  • Updating and processing all tax code changes
  • Ensuring the payroll operation is fully compliant with tax and employment legislation

The Client can be confident that all our PAYE workers are:

  • Formally registered with Sitec and all Proof of ID & Rights To Work documentation is obtained
  • Security vetted (if required)
  • Covered under the Company‚Äôs Employers and Public Liability Insurance
  • Given advice and guidance on employment and agency regulations
PAYE payslip