Medlock Charitable Trust

Sitec is actively involved in supporting a range of community and charitable projects through the Medlock Charitable Trust (Registered Charity number 326927).

The Trust is named after company founder Leonard Medlock and is the vehicle through which Sitec invests in the communities it has served over the years. The aim of the charity is to make donations to:-

  • Universities, schools, colleges and other educational establishments
  • Local community charities
  • Local hospitals and research establishments covering education, medicine and social care

Who benefits from the charity's work?

  • Children / Young people
  • The Elderly
  • Other charities & voluntary bodies
  • Local community charities
  • The general public

The sectors supported include:-

  • Education / Training
  • Medical / Health / Sickness
  • Disability / Special Needs
  • Accommodation / Housing
  • Arts / Culture
  • Sport / Recreation
  • Environment / Conservation/Heritage
  • Economic / Community Development / Employment

For further information on the Medlock Charitable Trust please contact or visit the Charity Commission website