Approved Suppliers

Umbrella and Contractor Service providers can play a big role in assisting temporary workers to decide which engagement contract option best suits their needs.

Following changes to legislation in April 2016, Sitec reviewed its supply chain and set-up an Approved Supplier Register (ASR) for companies who provide these such Services. The purpose of this process was to ensure Umbrella Service providers who offer advice to workers and engage with Sitec, adhere to relevant legislation and tax laws and that the services they may provide are compliant with employment and temporary worker legislation.

The Umbrella Companies on our ASR have passed compliance and due-diligence checking undertaken by Sitec in accordance with legislation, company policy and REC guidelines. The compliance checking is not intended to be a comprehensive audit however, umbrella companies who successfully pass the process will be deemed to have satisfied our compliance checks.            

We do not endorse or promote the benefits of operating through an umbrella company or encourage contractors to work via any one particular provider on the ASR. It is entirely your choice and decision whether you wish to work PAYE, via an umbrella company on our ASR or through your own limited company, and if you are unsure on any point we encourage you to seek independent advice.Should you wish to engage with an umbrella company on our ASR, their status with Sitec should not replace the need for you to carry out your own checks using professional advisors and we will not be liable for any losses, costs, claims, expenses, penalties or other liabilities incurred as a result of you selecting a particular umbrella company from our ASR. The ASR is not permanent and we may update or change the register from time to time.  Should any umbrella company fail to comply with the requirements as part of our on-going checks, we may ask you to provide your services through an alternative provider.

Due dilligence
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