Sitec pass the REC 2018 Compliance Test

27 Sep 09:00 by Martin Milsom


We are all delighted to announce that Sitec Professional Services Ltd succeeded in passing the Recruitment and Employers’ Confederation (REC) 2018 compliance test.

The compliance testing is a key part of the REC strategy to raise standards within the industry and promote its members as professional recruiters. The REC introduced the online compliance test to assess an agency’s knowledge of relevant recruitment industry legislation and the REC Code of Professional Practice.

By passing the test, the REC can determine whether existing REC members can renew and retain their membership. As such Sitec are proud to continue as a long standing REC corporate member.


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► Sitec Code of Conduct 


The REC is the recruitment industry’s recognised body which supports its members in achieving and maintaining the highest standards of recruitment practice, through legal advice, training and guidance.

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