Sitec present Cool Aeronautics Day

01 Mar 10:00 by Martin Milsom

Sitec apprentices at university of Bath for Cool Aeronautics day

In conjunction with the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), a team of 4 Sitec apprentices recently joined a team from the University of Bath to hold a Cool Aeronautics Day in the Engineering Faculty.

This was part of a series of such days being held around the country used to engage primary school children in fun lectures and activities associated with Aerospace and STEM topics. There were approximately 65 pupils aged 10 and 11 present and Sophie, Dan, Frank and Rich from Sitec presented on ‘How to make aircraft’ whilst Jo, from Spacefund, provided a show about astronaut Tim Peake.  These were highly enjoyable and the pupils and teachers expressed their thanks.

The Sitec and University teams also actively engaged with the pupils in 2 workshops covering aircraft design and an egg parachute challenge. Here the pupils were split into teams of 2-4 and were then required to design and build a parachute capable of carrying and landing a fresh egg dropped from approximately 7m with the materials made available.  In tests held at the end of the day the majority of the eggs survived.

The pupils were also treated to a tour of the University Engineering facility, including the wind tunnel, autoclave, sports car design and other areas.  By the end of the day Sophie, Dan, Frank and Rich were exhausted but also enthused at having prepared, presented and played a major part in such a great and inspiring event.